“Counterfeiting and product safety: a new challenge for the global market.”


On 27 September, the RES, in collaboration with New Direction, will organize in Milan, at the Hall of Affreschi in the Province of Milan the Seminar on “Counterfeiting and product safety: a new challenge for the global market.”

The seminar, which will begin at 10.00 and will end at 18.30, is open to the public and aims to confront reality and experiences, from the business system to the political choices, all aimed to address the serious problem of counterfeiting that brings a major damage to the economy and consumers.

The seminar will be open by the greetings from the President of the Province of Milan, Mr Guido Podesta, and Mr. Antonio Bellecci, President of RES and will be organized in a morning session and an afternoon one, the morning session will end at 13.30, the afternoon session will resume at 14.45.

Will participate to the seminar in order of accession:

On. Cristiana MUSCARDINI – Vice Pres. INTA Committee EP

On. Geoffrey VAN ORDEN – President New Direction Foundation

Dott.ssa Lisa FERRARINI – Vice Pres. Confindustria with delegation for Counterfeiting

Cav. Cesare PUCCIONI – Federchimica National President

Dott. Roberto SNAIDERO – FederlegnoArredo President

On. Adam BIELAN – Member of IMCO Committee EP

Cav. Mario BOSELLI – President of the Italian Fashion Chamber

Dott. Cleto SAGRIPANTI – Assocalzaturifici National President

Dott.ssa Licia MATTIOLI – Federorafi President

Dott. Markus WIESNER – President of the European Furniture Industries Confederation

On. Adolfo URSO – former Viceminister of development

Dott. François CLEMENT – GRANCOURT – General manager BIC

On. Niccolò RINALDI – Vice Pres. ALDE Group, European Parliament

Dott. Claudio MARENZI – Sistema Moda Italia President

Rag. Giuseppe BIANCULLI – Vicepresident ANASPED

Dott. Fazilet CINERALP – General Secretary ETRMA

On. Konrad SZYMANSKI – Member of ITRE Committee EP

Sen. Gianluca SUSTA – President of “Scelta Civica” Group, Italian Senate

Dott. Vincenzo MAGLIONE – President of the Cosmetic Group UNIPRO

On. Patrizia TOIA – Vicechair ITRE Committee

Dott. Sergio EINAUDI – Vicechair Tenaris

Sen. Ing. Nicolò SELLA DI MONTELUCE – Entrepreneur – President of Opera Pia Sella

Dott. Francis BOEYNAEMS – Public affairs consultant of COMMUNITY

Dott. Andrea DI CARLO – Vicechair OAMI

Dott. Marcello MANCA – Vicechair Government & Industry Affairs, Europe

Dott. Pietro PASOTTI – Human Resources Director EMILIO PUCCI

Prof.ssa Evelina FLACHI – Food Science, Scientific Committee ‘The School for 2015 Expo’ – Ministry of Education

Sen. Prof. Giuseppe VALDITARA – University Professor

Will partecipate also:

Dott. Claudio BENEDETTI – Federchimica Director

Dott. Fabio AROMATICI – General Director of Assocalzaturifici

Prof. Giorgio OTTOGALLI – Professor of food microbiology – University of Milan

Mr. Maurizio CAVALLINI – Surgeon, Responsible of Human Sciences CSR

Mr. Michele TRONCONI – President o Assofondipensione

Avv. Prof. Manuel SARNO – Criminal lawyer, Justice responsible CSR

Mr. Claudio LEONE – President AGITE

The panel will be moderated by:

Mr. Marcello MASI – Director TG2 RAI

Mr. Antonio SELVATICI – Journalist and writer

Mr. Mario VIGO – President of Innovagri

The event, one of the most important in Europe on the subject, will be the occasion to launch a large debate bringing together the institutional with insiders, entrepreneurs and citizens, to encourage an exchange of ideas and views on key issues such development and correct trade relationships, even considering the approval of the Regulations on the safety of consumer products.

R.E.S. Secretariat



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