R.E.S., a link between Europe and citizens

R.E.S. association was born in Milan in 1995, and its actual siege is in Via Vincenzo Bellini 1, in the heart of the city centre. It edits the magazine “Il Patto Sociale” www.ilpattosociale.it and it organize many events to help the growth of european consciousness between the citizens.

The president of R.E.S. is Mr. Antonio Bellecci, and the honorary president is Mr. Arnaldo Ferragni.

Since February 2012 is think tank partner with New Direction foundation www.newdirectionfoundation.org, linked to the ECR group in the European Parliament, and develops a partnership with many think tank in 16 european countries (UK, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Neederland, Luxembourg, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden). In Italy New Direction chose to be represented by R.E.S.

New Direction foundation, which Baroness Thatcher was the Founding Patron and which president is Geoffrey Van Orden MBE MEP, bases his project on Prague Declaration and on the principles of ECR group, and is linked with R.E.S., Libera, Institut Economique Molinari, Hayek Institut, Captus and Berlin Manhattan Institute.

R.E.S. persecutes the following issues, with particular attention to social and economic categories:

  1. Promote a punctual knowledge of European Union, its history, its institutions, their competences and activities.
  2. Organize events to share informations about EU policies, laws and rules decided in the various sectors of the productive life.
  3. Improve the knowledge of legal and financiaries instruments used by the EU to make grow the undevelopped areas, stimulate economic developpement, modernize infrastructures, promote occupation, sustain young students and workers exchange, improve language knowledge, give strenght to research, stimulate technologic innovation, defend environment, adfirm the developpement of social policies, make grow productivity.
  4. Realize study and research on problems related to EU.
  5. Organize meetings to confrontate ideas and proposals, defend traditions and national values in mutual respect.
  6. Promote meetings between citizens, organizations, institutions, associations of different nations.
  7. Develop relationships with other countries for defence of democracy, a fair market respectful of rights and dignity of people.


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